About the stories

I have created this blog to share my journey in learning about science and how it impacts our daily lives.

Through working with Trajan Scientific and Medical, I will tell real stories about what I am learning in this new scientific environment.  I would like to discover how science is related to our life events, and who are the scientists and the people that will be inspiring my journey in becoming STEM-smarter every day!

Who is MI?

Maram Ismail (MI)
Social Media Content Coordinator, Trajan Scientific and Medical

I hold a Master degree of Arts in Journalism and Media Production from the University of Technology Sydney.

I have eight years of local experience as a journalist, media producer and community worker. Passionate about news reporting, media production, feature writing, filmmaking, broadcasting, social media and community development. I have presented high quality coverage of multiple national and international high-profile events, and have been an MC for a major NSW Multicultural event.

My love for community services and development drove me to work in the community sector for five years based in western Sydney – Australia, taking on several projects with youth and families. It added another dimension to my journalistic skills. Fully trained in applying Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) has allowed a deeper understanding in how to tap into assets, skills and strengths of people and of a community. Applying ABCD refines the skill of drawing out stories and revealing hidden gems that are often not recognised or acknowledged.

I have a diverse set of skills including creative writing, film making, sound design, photography, online media production, print, radio and TV journalism and community development.

I received NSW Premier’s Multicultural Communications Award (PMCA) for best news report 2018.

The PMCA’s recognise the valuable contribution multicultural media and marketing plays in our society by connecting people to their culture, identity, and language. These awards celebrate and recognise the important role journalists, photographers, editors and publishers in print, radio, television and digital media play. They also honour innovative and creative marketing campaigns that inspire social cohesion and community harmony.

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