The pursuit of achieving a scientific career, a life-changing opportunity

I learned from Lewellwyn Coates‘ story that the aspirations of an ambitious scientist are invincible, as he is forging ahead to reach the peak of his dreams.

Mr. Coates has one brave, and cheerful face you can never forget after you meet him for the first time. His story has inspired many people at Trajan Scientific and Medical.

The determined Scientist Engineer had attained both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Biomedical Engineering; the latter was here in Melbourne from Latrobe University.

However, despite his educational level and the lack of the right vacancies, he joined Trajan as a process worker, in the Inlet liners section, where he only stayed for a couple of months. Mr. Coates then moved to work in quality control as a QC inspector for seven months. Later, as his contract was coming to an end, Trajan offered him a full-time position in the warehouse as an inwards goods person, which again didn’t last long, at this time, he took a step to do justice to his area of study.

Looking to develop in his area of study, he approached the Human Resources at Trajan and requested them to look into his profile and consider him for an engineering intern position.

Lewellwyn Coates

“Trajan was generous enough to give me an opportunity in research and development as a Support Engineer, my job was to support Trajan with projects and also help the ASTech Ph.D. candidates develop their electronic prototypes,” Mr. Coates explained.

In 2016, the Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Andrew Gooley asked Mr. Coates if he wanted to do his Ph.D. and also work as a Trajan employee, and this is how he was associated with the ASTech program and the University of Tasmania, accepting a part-time scholarship.

“The program [ASTech] has helped me get associated with experts in the field of analytical chemistry and also learn industrial standards required for deployment of instruments into the pharmaceutical industry,” Mr. Coates said.

Mohamed Hemida, Trajan Principal Scientist Hans-Jürgen Wirth, Lewellwyn Coates

Now, his research focuses on health care equipment design and development, specifically on embedded device programming and prototype development.

Professor Brett Paull, ASTech Training Centre Director, and UTAS Associate Dean (Research) – College of Sciences and Engineering, and his university supervisors, offer him all the support needed to back-up his work in the field.

“I get enormous technical guidance from my UTAS supervisors. They provide me with essential feedback on the system performance and design tips to maximise the chances of accurate results, review my research publications, and much more.

Lewellwyn Coates

Many recent graduates might face the challenge of finding a career in their area of study and passion with limited work experience, just like what Mr. Coates faced, but he never gave up on his dreams.

“After I finished my Masters, as a young student with no work experience, it was quite hard to find a job in my field, but companies like Trajan are one in a million that offer the opportunity to students and believe in them.”

He is aiming to secure a place as a Research Scientist in the field of Analytical instrumentation after he finishes his part-time Ph.D..

“Engineering and science have always been my passion, I loved electromechanical devices since my teenage days, and my dad was in the same field, and so I grew up watching instruments being built and repaired. Aptly, I got into Biomedical Engineering after I finished the year twelve, which is an amalgamation of science and engineering,” said Mr. Coates.

Trajan Principal Scientist Hans-Jürgen Wirth, Trajan R&D Support Engineer, Lewellwyn Coates

He considers his family and wife the pillars of his success, and he is thankful for the people of Trajan who believed in him and allowed him to reach his dreams and continue to develop in his field.

Mr. Coates believes, “Failure will never overtake me if my definition to SUCCEED is strong enough” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and this quote motivates him every morning and every day.

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